News – PMI Indonesia Meet-up

PMI Indonesia Meetup

A fantastic evening was had by all and much discussion over joint challenges and how best to deal with them. It is always interesting to see how no matter your culture or where you are in the world, a PMI Chapter seems to have similar struggles – one of them being membership, and the other volunteering. How do you attract and retain both new members, and volunteers, with limited budget and time. Any money spent must have the maximum returns to ensure member fees are not wasted, and time spent must be as productive as possible as we all have only a limited amount as volunteers. It was very interesting to hear how different Chapters deal with such challenges. We are equally interested to hear from current and potential members regarding your feelings towards these challenges and how we can overcome them. Please feel free to email with ‘Feedback’ as your email topic.

Karen Taylor-Vermaak, VP Marketing & Communications

Karen Taylor-Vermaak is a brand builder and strategist. She assumed the position of VP Marketing in August 2016, having been a member and volunteer of PMI and PMI South Africa Chapter from October 2014.   Karen is a qualified attorney, a certified Project Management Professional, and holds an Honors Degree in Strategic Brand Communications.


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