Call for Nominations

PMI SA Chapter 2020 to 2022


Please read the call for nominations in its entirety to ensure full understanding of the process. If further information is required please check the website or contact one of the Nominations Committee members on the details below.

In July 2019 the eligible members of PMI SA Chapter will have opportunity to vote for two new directors on the Chapter Board and twelve new executive officers (Vice Presidents / Branch Leads) on the Chapter executive to serve for the period 2020 to 2022. The election process of directors is governed by the P‏‏MI South Africa Chapter (NPC) Registration Number 2001/029270/08 MOI and the election of executive officials is governed by the PMI SA Chapter Bylaws of 2017.

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Chapter Officers.  You can nominate yourself or any other PMI South Africa Chapter Member for any of the Officer positions as indicated below.  Nominations close on July 5th, 2019 and the election will be held by electronic Ballot later in July. 

Terms of Office for Directors run from 1st January 2020 through to 31st December 2022.         Terms of Office for Executive VP’s run from 1st September 2019 through to the AGM in August 2022.

Time commitment for VP’s generally is in the 20 hour per month range with peaks and valleys, and for Directors attendance and preparation for four meetings annually and a few hours of committee work. Previous experience as a volunteer for the chapter is desirable.

A schedule of available positions as well as the roles and responsibilities provided below.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the following members of the PMI- SA Chapter Nominating Committee for 2019 by June 25th to allow for responses to be sent out.  

Lynn Keeys

076 036 8814

Carel van Zyl

083 225 0586

Peter Raw

083 299 4915


Putting yourself up for elections as a Chapter member is an important step towards making a career changing move for yourself. In 2017 PMI adopted the Talent Triangle whereby 1.leadership, 2. strategic and business management and  3. PMBOK technical project management skills are being actively persued by PMI. To develop your leadership and management skills, it is ideal to take on a vice president role where you will build teams and deliver services and project results to members. If you have already more experience and your career can lead you soon to become a director of companies, joining the chapter board furnishes the ideal opportunity to hone your skills as a director, earn PDU’s and also be able to improve your CV. The Chapter is experiencing continuous growth and the board and the executive have to expand to allow for orderly management. The following vacant positions have been identified for the elections and where there is already an acting VP in position it is also indicated. Please select one or two positions where you would fit in best and the Nominations committee will spread the candidates to fill the positions to be voted for.

Board of Directors

In order to maintain a balanced board, there is a requirement for 2 directors to be appointed from this election process. 


Executive Committee (These are vacant functions that are required to run the national chapter)

  1. CEO / President
  2. Vice President Operations
  3. Vice President Finance
  4. Vice President Marketing (Existing candidate in acting role)
  5. Vice President Communication and Technology (Existing candidate in acting role)


Senior Chapter Leadership (these cover vacant domain areas and branches)


  1. Vice President Academic Outreach
  2. Vice President Corporate Outreach [commercial, government & NGO] (Existing candidate in acting role)
  3. Vice President Registered Education Providers Outreach
  4. Vice President Professional Development
  5. Branch Lead – Gauteng (Existing candidate in acting role)
  6. Branch Lead – KZN
  7. Branch Lead – Cape Town (Existing candidate in acting role)

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