J C Kruger – Condolences Messages

Jaycee Kruger - Condolences Messages

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JC was renowned in the Project Management profession – a friend and a mentor to many.  His loss will be mourned by many. R.I.P.  (Jacqui Baldwin Jarvis, VP Volunteer Management, PMI South Africa Chapter)


Jaycee was well known and respected.  It was a pleasure to have served with him as a volunteer with PMI. – Nirvanna 


It was with great sadness I received the news of the passing of this giant of the PM profession in Africa.
We met at a Conference in West Africa a few years back when we both presented and kept in touch.
Personified by his smile and twinkle in his eyes when discussing anything linked to the profession, he will be greatly missed.
We are inspired to carry on his work to grow the profession and inspire the next generation of PMs in Africa.

Rest in Peace
TOCA / Founder P3M Africa


My heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and PMI South Africa Chapter members, for the passing away of a warm and open-minded friend, JC Kruger. May he Rest In Peace. – Ngeh Ngone


Hearing about JC Kruger loss has deeply saddened us, but we know that this is far from what the family is going through right now. JC Kruger in our thoughts and prayers. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family.  It was an honor to have known such a great person and we will truly miss him. May his soul rest in peace.  Best regards,  Ahmad Al Moghrabi, Chapter Partner, PMI Middle East and Africa


My deep sorry for the passing of a good man, Jaycee. He and I became good friends during the SA PMI conference and he encouraged be to become PMIEF Liaison for Ghana and we exchanged many useful points of view. And, of course, he was great when he visited Ghana for the African conference of which I was chairman. It was a real pleasure to see him truly enjoy himself. May God rest his soul.   (Moses A. Tetteh, past president PMI Ghana Chapter)


A true leader. Condolences to his family and beloved. Will miss u Jaycee. (Franck Gerard Kom, PMI Cameroun Chapter)


Please accept my condolences.  (Lambert Ofoegbu, Ph.D., President, PMI Nigeria Chapter)

RIP (Laurinda Silva, PMI Angola Chapter)


For sure most of us here have very good memories of our experience with the late JC. A man who would make you feel very homely when you are on a face to face, a virtual call or on a WhatsApp chat! My heartfelt Condolences to his family, friends and the PMI fraternity. May he RIP. (Clement Kitetu, President, PMI Kenya Chapter)

RIP Jaycee🌹. (Isabella Nyamah, PMI Ghana Chapter)

SA we are with you.

My deepest sympathies go out to SA PMI Chapter and JC’s family. May God give his unmeasurable peace to his family and friends during this trying moment. (Steve Kubeng Banza, PMI Democratic Republic of Congo Chapter)

Condolences to the South Africa Chapter and his family. RIP (Catherine Mutuku, PMI Kenya Chapter)

Toutes mes condoléances.  (Fidel Steve Hisan Mbay Makang, Past President, PMI Cameroun Chapter)

Accept my condolences (Rosemary Imhanwa, PMI Nigeria Chapter)

So sorry to hear. Rest in Peace, JC. We spent good time in Accra at LIM 2016. My deepest condolences to his personal Family and his PMI-Family. Be strong and take courage! God bless and comfort you! (Danny Byabene, President, PMI Democratic Republic of Congo Chapter)

Condolences from all in Mauritius. (Aroun Poligadu, PMI Mauritius Chapter)


My deepest condolences to you, his family and SA Chapter. (Titi Parks, PMI Nigeria Chapter)

My condolence to the all family, including PMI Family (Lourenco Pina, PMI Angola Chapter)

Deepest condolence to family and friends (Namala Katchecheba, PMI Tanzania)

Eternal Rest grant unto JC Kruger’s soul Oh Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon him, may he rest in peace!  Condolences to his family and to the entire PMI SA Chapter. (Mau Barigye, PMI Uganda Chapter)

Oh no my Buddy JC. The Grey Beards Consulting. This is too bad. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Sincere condolences to PMI SA Chapter and the entire family.

Oh dear, I remember JC a very cheerful man who was an inspiration to some of us. I was wondering why I stopped seeing him. Please accept our condolence. (Peter Dateme, PMI Nigeria Chapter)

Many condolences (Baba Mirry, PMI Tanzania)

May his soul rest in perfect peace (Jumoka Lafenwa, President, PMI Ghana Chapter)

My sincere condolences. May his soul rest in peace (Mary Phiri, PMI Zimbabwe Chapter)

May his soul Rest in Peace.  (Deji Ishmael, PMI Nigeria Chapter)

Condolences…very sorry for the loss. (Perpetua Chimeura, PMI Zimbabwe Chapter)


Meus Sinceros pêsames!  RIP (Estavao Zinga, PMI Angola Chapter

OOOh … Vraiment triste! Sincères Condoléances! RIP (Marcelle Ngounou, PMI Cameroun Chapter)


This is sad that JC is no more. A fun filled person who will share his knowledge on project management profession. Being one of the earliest certified professionals with PMI, he was a great person. PMI family will greatly missed him. To PMI SA, do accept our sincere condolences. It’s a great loss. Rest in peace JC.  (Olive Ada BUME NGOLE, President, PMI Cameroun Chapter)



Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We regret and are saddened to inform you of the passing of our dear friend and colleague, JC Kruger.

JC had been sick for some time but remained strong, cheerful, hopeful and faithful. He was a stalwart supporter of the PMI South Africa Chapter and PMI for decades. His mark is felt everywhere. I personally will miss his constant encouragement to me as president. It was he who encouraged me to become a part of the leadership team and he never abandoned. He was a mentor to many. We will miss his hearty laugh and indomitable spirit. We pray for his eternal peace and the comfort of his personal and worldwide PMI family.

On behalf of the PMI South Africa Chapter,


Dr. Lynn A. Keeys, PMP

President & CEO


We remember JC

by Carel van Zyl, Chairperson, PMI South Africa Chapter

We want JC to be remembered as the ideal volunteer and member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the PMI South Africa Chapter, over and above all the other local, church and work-related activities that he participated in.

He was always willing to help when help was needed to organise member services related activities. We remember that he always offered to talk at conferences. At the first PMI Africa Region Project Management Conference, he delivered a paper of how to do a project in the outback in Mozambique.

JC contributed regularly to the development of project management knowledge.  Every year he delivered PMBOK workshop papers in our reviews of PMBOK. He loved to do the introductory chapters to PMBOK and promote the use of PMBOK. His curiosity and skills as a critical thinker and manager brought him to become the chairperson of the South Africa Bureau of Standard’s (SABS’s) TC258 which worked through ISO globally to develop standards in project, program and portfolio management. JC willingly travelled internationally to attend on behalf of South Africa the ISO meetings. Through his mentorship, particularly based on his experiences in construction PM, he has informed and inspired many other PM’s.

JC was a director of the South Africa Chapter, and under his influence the Board went through a renewal process in 2017 to get the chapter’s Memorandum of Incorporation updated to the latest requirements and to adopt the committee system according to King IV. He seldomly missed Board meetings, although he had to drive to Johannesburg all the way from Heidelberg. At these meetings his independent view was always sought.

JC was a strong advocate of ethics standards and conflict resolution in project management.  Early in 2018 JC had to resign as Chapter director to ensure that there would be no conflict of interest issues with his participation in the Global PMI Ethics Committee. Before that we heard him speak often at monthly members meeting on ethics and how to handle conflict

JC loved to attend international conferences and meetings and with his lively participation he became well known in the global project management community. He was a true diplomat for all project managers in South Africa and a great support of the development of project management throughout the African continent.  He spoke a many conferences in Africa, lending his knowledge and perspective from his many years of experience.  He gained the respect and comradery of many in the region.

He was the example of how to give and spread one’s time productively to the various communities. We honour his remembrance, and we will miss him. Our condolences  goes first to his wife Mercia, who cared for him the last seven months while he was in and out of hospital and always under great pain. We pray that Mercia and the children be consoled by the grace of God and the warmth of the memories of their beloved husband and father.

Director Development Programme – PMI SA

In a country where many recent failures have occurred due to misfunctioning boards of directors and councils, the PMI South Africa Chapter is launching a new career development program to develop project managers towards improved corporate governance. As PMI has 11 global standards and particularly Project and Portfolio Management, as well as the Talent Triangle, study of appropriate sections of these can provide excellent background and competencies for those members who want to be efficient directors. If you have 6-10 hours per month to participate in this 10-month pilot program in 2019, please send in your application by 7th March 2019.

The program, starting with a workshop on 16th March 2019 in Gauteng, is the latest offering available exclusively to members of the PMI South Africa Chapter. Participants will form small self-directed study groups of 4 to ten members each in which they will study the models of governance and other legislative and voluntary requirements and models for directors and boards. At program completion, successful participants who want more knowledge will be encouraged to attend formal courses from other training providers to qualify as Professional Directors or Executives in Corporate and Public environments. Members from the public who want to participate are welcome once they have become members of the PMI and the SA Chapter                 (See PMI website on how to apply for PMI Membership – https://www.pmi.org/membership/join). Simultaneously of becoming a member of PMI, you can join the South Africa Chapter.

For more information on the programme contact admin@pmi.org.za. Applications / Expression of Interest forms for the program will be made available to eligible candidates(Chapter members) during February 2019.

Click Here to Download the PowerPoint Presentation.

Writing and Passing the PMI ACP Exam – Interview with Angelique Jardine

We took some time out to chat with Angelique Jardine, Project Manager at Derivco’s Stormcraft Studios.
Angelique recently wrote and passed her PMI ACP exam, and besides congratulations being in order, we decided to pick her brain in order to get a perspective on the experience, and what it has meant for her and her employer.


Derek: What inspired you to take on the Agile Certified Professional certification with PMI?

Angelique: At first it was to gain knowledge on agile tools and practices, learn practical techniques for planning and be able to estimate the cost of the project in an agile way. Also, to increase my adaptability in agile technologies that would hopefully increase team productivity.

PMI Certifications are regarded highly across many organizations and with this, taking traditional Project Management in mind as well as looking at a broad range of Agile methodologies, it seemed to be the most comprehensive certification on the market. l wanted something that would formally recognize my knowledge of Agile principles and expertise with Agile tools and techniques.

More and more companies are adopting an Agile approach to their projects, I wanted to do a course that would not only benefit my organization but would also provide me with professional growth and make me more marketable.

Derek: How did you find the exam?

Angelique: I found the exam quite tough, coming from a traditional project management background, you need to always check yourself, make sure that you do not go back to old habits in the exam and in your projects. Having an Agile mindset is key to passing the exam.

Derek: Do you feel that the ACP studies have improved your individual service offering to your employee in the workplace?

Angelique: Yes, I learned more about the details in the tools and techniques that were not covered in other Kanban and Scrum courses. e.g. WBS and how to get your stories right, in terms of size and details and accurate estimating. Costing of a project in an agile environment. Tips and tricks Agile Leaders have learned over the years.

Derek: How long do you think that any aspiring candidates would need to spend in preparation for their studies for the ACP exam?

Angelique: If you are able to put in the hours, I would say you should try do it within the 2-3-month mark, on completion of the course. I did my course at the end of Oct, and wrote my exam in early Feb.

Derek: Are there any particular resources that you would recommend using to anyone wanting to take the exam?

I attended the PM Ideas Prep Course in JHB, with Charmaine Allen which was great. She is an amazing Coach and Mentor.

I purchased the Andy Crowe book ‘The PMI-ACP Exam’ (Iteration 2 – 2016), which did not arrive in time for the exam unfortunately but have read through it after the exam and found it quite comprehensive and it includes two exams at the back of the book as well as an online exam. There is a third iteration that was released in April 2018.

Note: It’s not a good idea order this from Book Depository, they send books through the postal system and you know how that goes. I did not see this info as it was only in the FAQ’s on their website.

I see Michael Griffiths also has a book out ‘PMI-ACP Exam Prep’.

I also did as many free tests as I could find, some of them I found from this website:


Derek: Do you have any advice for readers regarding the taking of the exam?

Angelique:  Again, having an Agile mindset is key to passing the exam.

If you can do a Prep course through one of the PMI Providers in your area I would highly recommend it. Not only will you gain great insight from the lecturers, but you will also get the books/ information you need for passing the exam.

 Derek: Do you have any parting words of wisdom for the PM community?

Don’t be afraid of Agile, embrace it and go in with an open mind.

Keep the Agile manifesto in mind daily throughout your workday and processes.

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on
the right, we value the items on the left more.

Derek: Thanks Angelique ! Best wishes for the future


Click here to check out the various Project Management Qualifications offered by PMI

Exciting Start to 2018 for Kwa-Zulu Natal Branch

PMI SA Chapter Kwa-Zulu Natal Branch Meeting January 2018

Group photo of Kwa-Zulu Natal Branch Meeting attendees on 25 January.

First KZN Branch Meeting of 2018

At the first Kwa-Zulu Natal Branch Meeting of the year we had a whopping 32 attendees.  The speaker for the January meeting was the incoming Deputy Branch Lead Derek Smith (pictured front extreme left). Derek is currently Projects Portfolio Manager for Network Games at Derivco in KZN and a veteran project management professional in the ICT sector. Derek’s presentation centred on what is happening with Agile adoption and philosophies in Project Management. He advised that managers need to know about these changes keep themselves relevant and employable. He also highlighted the fact that Agile is no longer the sole domain of software developers.

Chapter Events

Branch Lead David de Miranda (pictured front right in the white shirt) has worked hard over the last year to engage attendees and volunteers, and is in the process of filling the necessary portfolios to ensure the smooth running of the branch. If you would like to be part of the largest global network of Professional Project Managers but not sure what it’s all about, join David and his team at the next Branch meeting. Details of events are updated monthly to the Events Calendar. If you are already a paid-up PMI member, please keep an eye on your inbox for email invitations we send out monthly, and posts on our Facebook page. If you’re a PMI member but your Chapter Membership has lapsed, you can

David and his team have some exciting new ventures lined up for the Kwa-Zulu Natal branch activities, so don’t miss the opportunity to improve, update or share your project management skills. PDUs can be earned by attending meetings, or presenting on a topic in which you are an expert.

KZN Branch Newsletter 01/2018

The KZN branch is proudly the first branch of PMI South Africa Chapter to publish its own newsletter, which you can download from this link: KZN Newsletter 01/2018.  Please contact Derek on kznadmin@pmi.org.za or David kznbranchleader@pmi.org.za if you would like to contribute to the next newsletter in any way.



2018 Welcome Message from the President

Dear Members,

Welcome to 2018!

The leadership team of PMI SA Chapter is looking forward to working closely with you this year, hearing your ideas and delivering some great activities to meet your professional needs for growth in knowledge, skills and community participation.

We started off the year with the launch of our volunteer management program in Gauteng at Microsoft on Saturday, January 20.  As we are a volunteer run organization, we are so pleased with your enthusiastic response. About 50 persons attended and heard presentations on the new volunteer program and planned activities and volunteers needed in a variety of programs, including, professional development, academic outreach, social impact with PMI Education Foundation, and how we work as a chapter. We are well on our way to filling some critical positions and engaging volunteers in some special activities. We will roll out this program in Cape Town, Durban, and other areas of the country to ensure you have an opportunity to participate and network with fellow professionals. It’s not too late to express your interest. Contact us at volunteer@pmi.org.za.

We jumpstarted our chapter member activities on January 25 with our branch meeting in Kwa-Zulu Natal.  Our branch meetings in Cape Town and Johannesburg start on February 15.  Our members’ branch meetings are usually on the third Thursday of every month through November.

Don’t miss our premier PMP/CAPM Prep Workshop, which will be held at Citibank in Gauteng on February 3 and 4.  We are finalizing a diverse set of events for the year.   These will be posted shortly on our events page.  Please consult the pmi.org.za website for details.

Look out for announcement of the dates for the PMI SA PM Summit and the Africa Regional Project Management Conference.  Don’t miss out on the early bird sales which should start in about a month.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you.

All the best for a personally satisfying year.

Dr. Lynn A. Keeys


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