Out and About with Dr Lynn Keeys: Eskom IT Group Imbizo

Out and About with Dr Lynn Keeys: Eskom IT Group Imbizo

As part of PMI South Africa Chapter’s commitment to engage with stakeholders across different sectors, we make use of every opportunity afforded us to expand this community of best practice for project management professionals.   PMI SA Chapter’s president, Dr Lynn Keeys, had such an opportunity earlier this week when she was invited by state-owned power utility Eskom IT Group Director, Neerasen Moodley, to speak about PMI and our local Chapter at the recent Eskom IT Group Imbizo held in Gauteng.

Developing Professional PM Skills

Dr Keeys deliberated about the importance of developing professional project management skills through continuous learning and professional development. This not only in technical areas of project management, but also in strategic business skills and leadership acumen. PMI membership helps professional development by building local communities of project managers from varying sector that are united through a common framework of professionalism. Dr Keeys highlighted how project personnel who understand the strategic and business context of their efforts and who keep an eye on benefits realization from concept to delivery, are the workplace champions. They are the workers that bring success and add value to their organisations.

Getting it Right, the First Time?

Dr Keeys also introduced the theme of the upcoming Project Management Summit on 9 November: “Getting it Right, the First Time? The Summit theme elicited nods of agreement from audience members, as Dr Keeys expounded on the growing need to view projects differently and with a renewed perspective leaning towards adaptation and agility.  This increasing need for organisational agility due to the prevailing Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment.  The PM Summit will provide the platform for expert discussion and workshops on  how to get projects right beyond scope, schedule and budget.

Thank You Eskom

Dr Lynn Keeys expressly thanked Eskom and Neerasen Moodley for providing the platform for discussion. ESKOM employees could project management challenges and learn about new trends and opportunities for professional development.




Call for Participants: Mentoring Program 2017

30 August 2017

This is a call for participants: PMI South Africa Chapter Mentorship Program 2017


The Professional Development Portfolio plans to again in 2017/18 undertake their Mentoring Program previously and successfully offered in 2016. The intention remains to engage all PMI members in South Africa, and not be limited only to current PMI SA Chapter members.

The purpose of this initiative is to support & encourage Chapter members to manage their own learning so that they can fulfill their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the professional they want to be. This can be achieved by getting experienced members of the Chapter to provide personal support and guidance to less experienced members. Broadly speaking, the benefits of the mentoring program for the Chapter are to extend the service offering for members, to enhance member satisfaction, and to provide an incentive for prospective members to join the Chapter.

Benefits to Mentors is mainly the satisfaction of perpetuating the project management culture and being provided with a personal learning opportunity earning PDUs. The Mentees benefit from access to broader knowledge and experience, which will provide a wider perspective on their career and immediate tasks.

Application are invited from all regions in South Africa for both mentors and mentees, but no guarantees are provided that team pairing will always be in the same town. Please fill in the application forms for either Mentor or Mentee at the back of the PMI Chapter Mentoring Handbook. Then send off as soon as possible, but no later than 11th September 2017, to carel.vanzylcpm@gmail.com.

The proposed timeline for key events is as follows:

01st Sept 2017 – distribute invitation for aspirant Mentors & Mentees to participate

11th Sept 2017 – Final date for applications from interested Mentors & Mentees

15th Sept 2017 – Complete selection and pairing of Mentors & Mentees

21/23rd Sept 2017 – Kick-off training session in Gauteng and initial Mentor & Mentee meeting & contracts in Gauteng, (Cape Town, Durban, PE or as arranged electronic media)

25th Sept 2017 – formal program begins

1st Dec 2017 – Interim review of progress with Mentors & Mentees

12-16th March 2018 –  Final review of program with Mentors & Mentees

19-23rd March 2018:  Evaluate program effectiveness, plan for next cycle

The PMI SA Chapter Mentoring Handbook can be downloaded by clicking on this link: PMI SA Chapter Mentoring Handbook 2017

We look forward to a record number mentors and mentees this year!

Nirvanna Rampersad, VP Professional Development, PMI South Africa Chapter, 30 August 2017



More news from Mauritius LIM 2017 – Day 2

On Day 2, the Leadership Institute Meeting focused to how chapters can better meet the needs of individual members, and in so doing, align with PMI’s strategic emphasis on the professional growth and development of the project manager as an individual. These areas centre around strategic focus, customer-centricity and organizational agility.

To align with this strategic focus, chapters are encouraged to develop activities that address existing and changing market environments.   This involves continually listening to the voice of the customer and so as to deliver on their needs.

As an experiential exercise delegates worked in groups to put these concepts into practice.  Thereafter we heard from chapter representatives on current activities, strategic plans and challenges.  This session enabled chapter leaders to volunteer supportive feedback to each other on how to improve and resolve problems. We discussed passionately what is needed to support the development and advancement of project management in Africa.  The meeting wrapped up with a detailed report on the Regional Publications Committee (PubCom), which is working to improve communication with chapter members.  The new governance structure for the 3rd regional Africa Project Management Conference, planned for September 2018, was presented.  It puts into place a replicable framework for the conference, which aims to highlight PM practices, perspectives and advancement of project management profession on the African continent.  The day ended with the presentation of LIM certificates and expressions of appreciation for the LIM organisers and the collective effort and camaraderie that was maintained throughout the two-day conference.

News from LIM Mauritius 2017 – Day 1

This weekend saw Region 16 countries attend the Leadership Institute Meeting hosted by the newly chartered Mauritius Chapter, at the Mauritius Hotel and Spa in Mauritius. Chapter representitives hailed from across the continent, including Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Africa.

President Dr Lynn Keeys, VP Finance Kishoor Pitamber, VP Membership Peter Raw and VP Professional Development Nirvana Rampersad represented the South Africa Chapter for two days of learning, building and sharing with our Region 16 counterparts. 

The first meeting of the day was an update and review of resources and strategic approaches to improving services. Topics covered were tools and resources, organizing PMI events, developing sustainable social good programs, and leading with certification to grow chapter membership.

South Africa and Cameroon Chapter lunched together to talk about how Camaroon could learn from how PMI SA Chapter carry out activities in areas of mutual interest, and to establish information sharing methods. The first day’s sessions ended with a vibrant and engaging panel discussion covering different challenges that were commonly experienced by Chapters.  The panel was made up of PMI experts from the region, including:

  • Tarnbir Kaur (CAE Manager, Chapter Development, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)), 
  • Ahmad Al Moghrabi, (Chapter Partner, Middle East and Africa, Chapter Development Department – Middle East Office)
  • Michael Kimera (Africa Chapter Administrator | Chapter Development Department – Middle East Office)
  • Current Regional Mentor Dickinson Dickinson Agyapong-Bempa from Ghana Chapter
  • Shadow Mentor Ike Nwankwo from Nigeria Chapter. 

Topics addressed included effective chapter leadership and programs. Suggestions and learnings from such a rich African cultural brew illustrated the possibiltiies and potential that our chapters can collectively harness as a collective.

After a long but energising day of learning and sharing skills, the day ended with a celebratory display of cultural diversity and comeraderie at the renowned Indian restaurant Namaste at the Port Louis Waterfront. An evening of great networking, laughter and displays of dancing prowess was the perfect ending to the first day LIM.

2017 Chapter Executive and Non-Executive Board Members

To promote accessibility to all members regardless of geographical constraints, we invited all Chapter members to attend the 2017 AGM via Webex from their computers. The AGM was streamed to our branches in Gauteng, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban, through an Eskom Webex video link.  The link was also offered to members in KZN and E.Cape who weren’t able to access the venues.

We welcome the following members to the Executive Committee (EXCO), and as members of the Non-Executive Board 

Morne Beeslaar, Deputy President

Jannes Haasbroek, Vice President Academic Outreach

Board of Directors

Reginald Mazana, Board Member

Annabe Jacobs, Board Member

Nirvanna Rampersad, Board Member

Existing vacancies in the Chapter still to be filled are: 

  • Cape Town Branch Lead
  • PMI Education Fund (PMIEF) Liaison
  • REP Liaison

If you are a PMI South Africa Chapter member in good standing and would like to nominate yourself or another Chapter member for the above vacant positions, please mail Lynn Keeys at president@pmi.org.za

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