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The 5 Levels of Leadership

Adopted and adapted from the book: “Developing the Leader within you” – by John C. Maxwell

Presenter: Kevin Govender


Synopsis: How can we take our leadership beyond authority, protocols, procedures and position? Easy, by understanding The 5 Levels of Leadership as John Maxwell explains the journey of moving from Positional Leadership to Personhood!

About the presenter: Kevin is a certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer as well as Mentor to young students and employees, as well as being a Product and Technology Trainer for various international companies. Kevin has served and is serving as a volunteer on other industry bodies and associations such as:

  • Vice Chairperson of the Coaching and Mentoring S.A., KZN Chapter
  • Member of the COMENSA National Marketing Portfolio Committee,
  • PMI KZN Branch Professional Development volunteer,
  • Mentor in the BNI Alpha Chapter.

His background is rooted in the Building Automation industry with over 20 years’ experience, in projects ranging from new industrial and commercial developments to chemical and process plants, health care, food production, government buildings and more, for new installations right through to retrofits, and he now specialises in training technicians, system integrators and end users on products and systems.

Kevin is passionate about Human Capital Development and as a system integrator, understands the need to have team members empowered so that the organisation can perform at its peak.

In this talk, we will discuss The 5 Levels of Leadership by John C Maxwell and the importance and ways of the Leader clearing the path for his/her team to go beyond their current levels of performance!

RSVP: kznadmin@pmi.org.za

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