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About the presenter: Desrea Coventry from Make The Shift Coaching in Durban is the founder of the recently launched AVA Movement. Desrae is an experienced Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, a Negative Emotion Therapy Practitioner, speaker and trainer.

About the presentation: 
Desrae will be sharing her experience and skills by introducing the audience to the AVA Movement (Acknowledge, Value, Affirm) which is based on a methodology of firstly bringing awareness of what people’s greatest needs are in terms of searching for significance, and secondly to empower people through this very simple and workable acronym – AVA.

Desrae will share her insights on how to create a personal legacy – one that gives purpose and meaning to your life, and leaves a lasting impression and positive impact. Come along with your questions on your specific challenge/opportunity and let us chat on how we can add value to your team and project as well as build a great Team Culture and Dynamic

This presentation speaks to the pertinent topics of leadership  values, principles of succession planning, redundancy and continuity.

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