Getting it right – the first time?

The theme of the PM Summit 2017 is GETTING IT RIGHT –  THE FIRST TIME?

We’re trained from the getgo to get it right, the first time.  But what does it take to get a project right, the first time?  And how do we define ‘right’?

Getting projects right goes beyond achieving the triple constraint targets of scope, schedule and budget and the usual technical approaches to project management. For answers to these questions and an opportunity to debate and engage with industry experts, don’t miss PMI South Africa’s PM Summit on 9 November 2017.

Learn about managing projects in an ever-changing age of dynamism, exponential change and disruption.   Join us for a day of delving into with new ways of thinking and project management approaches, with strategic emphasis on value creation for individual organization and society. Sessions will be lively and provocative, dealing with all areas of project management such as stakeholder engagement, governance, leadership, benefits for whom, sustainability for individual business and society at large, and supported by on-time business analytics.

We have a stellar line up of confirmed speakers that are guaranteed to entertain, inspire and provoke lively discourse on a host of topics on which they are experts. See the line-up on the PM Summit page here.

We look forward to making good things happen – register now for PM Summit 2017 presented by PMI South Africa Chapter.

Register and secure your ticket for the summit and/or the dinner right now, right here:






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