Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We regret and are saddened to inform you of the passing of our dear friend and colleague, JC Kruger.

JC had been sick for some time but remained strong, cheerful, hopeful and faithful. He was a stalwart supporter of the PMI South Africa Chapter and PMI for decades. His mark is felt everywhere. I personally will miss his constant encouragement to me as president. It was he who encouraged me to become a part of the leadership team and he never abandoned. He was a mentor to many. We will miss his hearty laugh and indomitable spirit. We pray for his eternal peace and the comfort of his personal and worldwide PMI family.

On behalf of the PMI South Africa Chapter,


Dr. Lynn A. Keeys, PMP

President & CEO


We remember JC

by Carel van Zyl, Chairperson, PMI South Africa Chapter

We want JC to be remembered as the ideal volunteer and member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the PMI South Africa Chapter, over and above all the other local, church and work-related activities that he participated in.

He was always willing to help when help was needed to organise member services related activities. We remember that he always offered to talk at conferences. At the first PMI Africa Region Project Management Conference, he delivered a paper of how to do a project in the outback in Mozambique.

JC contributed regularly to the development of project management knowledge.  Every year he delivered PMBOK workshop papers in our reviews of PMBOK. He loved to do the introductory chapters to PMBOK and promote the use of PMBOK. His curiosity and skills as a critical thinker and manager brought him to become the chairperson of the South Africa Bureau of Standard’s (SABS’s) TC258 which worked through ISO globally to develop standards in project, program and portfolio management. JC willingly travelled internationally to attend on behalf of South Africa the ISO meetings. Through his mentorship, particularly based on his experiences in construction PM, he has informed and inspired many other PM’s.

JC was a director of the South Africa Chapter, and under his influence the Board went through a renewal process in 2017 to get the chapter’s Memorandum of Incorporation updated to the latest requirements and to adopt the committee system according to King IV. He seldomly missed Board meetings, although he had to drive to Johannesburg all the way from Heidelberg. At these meetings his independent view was always sought.

JC was a strong advocate of ethics standards and conflict resolution in project management.  Early in 2018 JC had to resign as Chapter director to ensure that there would be no conflict of interest issues with his participation in the Global PMI Ethics Committee. Before that we heard him speak often at monthly members meeting on ethics and how to handle conflict

JC loved to attend international conferences and meetings and with his lively participation he became well known in the global project management community. He was a true diplomat for all project managers in South Africa and a great support of the development of project management throughout the African continent.  He spoke a many conferences in Africa, lending his knowledge and perspective from his many years of experience.  He gained the respect and comradery of many in the region.

He was the example of how to give and spread one’s time productively to the various communities. We honour his remembrance, and we will miss him. Our condolences  goes first to his wife Mercia, who cared for him the last seven months while he was in and out of hospital and always under great pain. We pray that Mercia and the children be consoled by the grace of God and the warmth of the memories of their beloved husband and father.

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