On Day 2, the Leadership Institute Meeting focused to how chapters can better meet the needs of individual members, and in so doing, align with PMI’s strategic emphasis on the professional growth and development of the project manager as an individual. These areas centre around strategic focus, customer-centricity and organizational agility.

To align with this strategic focus, chapters are encouraged to develop activities that address existing and changing market environments.   This involves continually listening to the voice of the customer and so as to deliver on their needs.

As an experiential exercise delegates worked in groups to put these concepts into practice.  Thereafter we heard from chapter representatives on current activities, strategic plans and challenges.  This session enabled chapter leaders to volunteer supportive feedback to each other on how to improve and resolve problems. We discussed passionately what is needed to support the development and advancement of project management in Africa.  The meeting wrapped up with a detailed report on the Regional Publications Committee (PubCom), which is working to improve communication with chapter members.  The new governance structure for the 3rd regional Africa Project Management Conference, planned for September 2018, was presented.  It puts into place a replicable framework for the conference, which aims to highlight PM practices, perspectives and advancement of project management profession on the African continent.  The day ended with the presentation of LIM certificates and expressions of appreciation for the LIM organisers and the collective effort and camaraderie that was maintained throughout the two-day conference.

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