Out and About with Dr Lynn Keeys: Eskom IT Group Imbizo

As part of PMI South Africa Chapter’s commitment to engage with stakeholders across different sectors, we make use of every opportunity afforded us to expand this community of best practice for project management professionals.   PMI SA Chapter’s president, Dr Lynn Keeys, had such an opportunity earlier this week when she was invited by state-owned power utility Eskom IT Group Director, Neerasen Moodley, to speak about PMI and our local Chapter at the recent Eskom IT Group Imbizo held in Gauteng.

Developing Professional PM Skills

Dr Keeys deliberated about the importance of developing professional project management skills through continuous learning and professional development. This not only in technical areas of project management, but also in strategic business skills and leadership acumen. PMI membership helps professional development by building local communities of project managers from varying sector that are united through a common framework of professionalism. Dr Keeys highlighted how project personnel who understand the strategic and business context of their efforts and who keep an eye on benefits realization from concept to delivery, are the workplace champions. They are the workers that bring success and add value to their organisations.

Getting it Right, the First Time?

Dr Keeys also introduced the theme of the upcoming Project Management Summit on 9 November: “Getting it Right, the First Time? The Summit theme elicited nods of agreement from audience members, as Dr Keeys expounded on the growing need to view projects differently and with a renewed perspective leaning towards adaptation and agility.  This increasing need for organisational agility due to the prevailing Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment.  The PM Summit will provide the platform for expert discussion and workshops on  how to get projects right beyond scope, schedule and budget.

Thank You Eskom

Dr Lynn Keeys expressly thanked Eskom and Neerasen Moodley for providing the platform for discussion. ESKOM employees could project management challenges and learn about new trends and opportunities for professional development.




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